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Excerpt from FINDING LILY: 

As we talked, I noticed a funny thing about Jim. The more I gestured with my hands, pointing out things like the way the sun framed the lighthouse and made the wood sparkle, and how the waves moved in and out on the beach in a series of swirls, the closer in he leaned toward me, as though I could see something he could not, but he was hungry for me to show him my visions. Really, the things I was saying were so ordinary, just laid out there in front of him if only he would take the time to look and see it all for himself, through his own eyes, rather than through mine …

About Me


I am a fiction writer and journalist whose first novel, FINDING LILY, is available in print and ebook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Soul Mate Publishing. This book, which is women's fiction, is set in a fictionalized version of the Brant Point Lighthouse in Nantucket! Click here to order your copy today. For review copies of book club requests, please email

I am now at work on two more books, THE RASA-LILA and THE MEANING OF MARIGOLDS. My short stories have appeared in a number of small literary journals and magazines.

I serve as senior writer for a psychiatric and substance

abuse hospital in the Boston area and I also specialize in writing about health, education and fashion topics for a variety of websites.

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